We should know GMO

This project was created in hopes to better educate the public about what they could be eating. In the United States it is not mandatory to label any product that has been genetically modified in any way. Genetically modified foods are foods in which the DNA of the food has been changed in a way that would never occur naturally. GMOs are banned and strictly regulated in over 60 other countries, but the U.S. does not have any regulations in place. Although many states in the U.S. have tried to pass laws to mandate the labeling of GMOs only one has been successful and it should take effect in 2016. There is also a law trying to be passed supported by the big GMO corporations that is trying to ban placing labels on foods containing GMOs in the U.S. If this law passes the law that should take effect in 2016 will be discarded.

Thesis: It should be mandated in every state in the United States that any product containing GMO’s is labeled. The products should be labeled because there is no long term studies on the effects of GMOs, and they are either banned or have strict restrictions in 60 other countries.